Looking for competent alignment shop


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Hi, so after dealing with death wobble on my fancy new Gladiator aka Crappiator the Shakinator I jumped back to a Toyota, specifically a 2019 4Runner. I tossed on a Fox 2.0 2 inch front coil over and some sway away rear springs and Fox 2.0 rear shocks. The shop (not local) that did the alignment did not impress me, thankfully their 'free' work was part of the trade deal but... I am now looking for a competent shop in Ottawa that can do a proper alignment with aftermarket upper control...
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I know this may be a little late, but..
Al Herons on Bank Street south end. Howie is awesome there.
If you want to drive a little south, JM Automotive in Kemptville is great as well. Very OCD at alignments.
Or Getty Automotive in Ottawa's east end. The most OCD shop you will ever be in. You could eat off his floors.