CJ-5 Overhaul



Thought I'd start a thread for the overhaul since I hadn't posted anything since the intro. The frame is now fully boxed and painted and the Dana 44 has been completely overhauled with new bearings and seals and the spring packs gone through by Valley Truck and Spring (?):


The Dana 30 pumpkin has also been over hauled with all new bearings and seals and we've installed a Lockright Locker. Nothing done from the knuckles out since I'm looking for the...
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Send a message to mlorint on the board to see if he still has my old D30 front end from more CJ7. Cheap way to get disc brakes if he's got it.


Couple of photos below. The transmission and transfer case have been overhauled and set back in the frame with a new mount. It all works smoothly now. When we bought it, it was stuck in 4 low and I was concerned that maybe the transfer case was in bad shape but it was fine. The linkage was rusted solid however and it took some effort to disassemble it and clean everything up. The bushings were shot once it was free and there was a lot of slop, so I made new ones and a new shift knob as well. I still need to make a new link between the lever and transfer case lever. I also beefed up the shift lever by cutting off the threaded bit (which was bent and twisted from someone trying to force it) and welding on a 1/2 inch bolt and then grinding everything smooth.

The front axle is also in but I need to finish it from the knuckles out and add the steering. I'm picking up a CJ-7 Dana 30 next weekend with disc brakes and everything should swap over.