Free BEER!


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After two years of doing something over winter, this winter is... nothing.
Put money into other hobbies.


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Not Fair! You got me all excited for free Beer!

I have a 6L now in a 05 G-van for my collection of parts. That the extent of my 'Manhug' project for now. Family is taking priority, but my future money pit is always on my mind!


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I got an FJ40, but won't touch it until next year.

This winter, will be doing serious work on the Samurai.


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nice! I know what you guys are saying - besides some minor maintenance and fixing up the front brakes I'm not doing much on mine either. JG - looking forward to seeing that Sami!


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I had planned on building a new chassis for my buggy, but I don't want to cut it up and then not be ready for may (like last year). Im only doing repairs and maybe a steering pump upgrade. I have another non buggy project (obsession) on the go.


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Got a parts truck and planning a few improvements to the Wolf - a more powerful turbo diesel engine and five speed transmission, also some more civilian interior upgrades; however, all the job will be done in the spring.


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Picking away at the CJ - firewall cleanup this weekend hopefully, then dig out the plate to patch the frame over the holidays. If I get really ambitious, maybe pull the broken exhaust manifold bolts out and test fit the motor.


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Trying to get my Yj project close to finished. Just have to find time between running two goalies and a referee to the arena all winter.:heep:

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basic things on the list:
-fix an evap code (likely a cracked line)
-rear wiper motor
-new rear DS u-joint
-a couple of CVs making noise
-a new sway bar link
-close up the rear wheel wells with some sheet
-wire/tune the cb
-re-grease the back of the front brake pads to stop a constant squeal, or will cut out some new backing plates + grease

More complex ones:
basic front skid to cover the rad
basic skid to cover the transmission pan
winch bumper

Realistically: Prolly will get to the mandatory ones, but our full-on bathroom reno will take most of my time, effort and money.