Looking to rent a trailler for 2 weeks


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Hey all,

So I am finally getting near the paint process with the TJ, but with everything out (seats included) I need to get it to the paint shop, then back to to shop where I am doing the work.

I would be able to return it by the 30th of April for sure.

I'm willing to pick up and drop off and pay $100 for the 2 weeks (or $150 if delivered to my house in Kanata).

Ideally I would like to borrow it this Wednesday evening.

I need it to be a standard trailer, I dont have a goose-neck hitch...
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To clarify, I didn't wait till the last minute, I had a "friend" in Pembroke who was going to lend me his, but he sold it last week. d'oh


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Maybe rent a u-haul for the day to get it there, and again to get it back? It doesn't sound like you need the trailer the entire 2 weeks.