Reducing axle side track bar mount bolt hole???


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Stumbled upon my first problem....

The D44 i have has an integrated Trackbar bracket on the passenger side that is tied into the coil spring/LCA mount. The bolt hole that is in place has an ID of 5/8".

Now, surprisingly, the beefy trackbar i got with my Clayton set up has a bolt hole on the axle side of only 3/8".

I will get some pics but i am not sure if i can do anything on the trackbar side. There's what looks like 2 sets of bushings (One inside the other) and the most inner one has...
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You could try drilling out the inner steel bushing. Or you could cut the bushing off and put in a heim joint.


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i think a quick solution is to weld 3/8" washers (thick ones) on either side of the bracket. :beer:

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My first thought is to check with Clayton for their reccomendations.

Not sure that the washers would work, looks to me that the inside peice is threaded. If I'm right, to me a 1/4" of threads for the bolt to bite into is not anywhere near enough clamping surface for somthing of this importance. You also need to maintain a flat surface on the inside of the bracket for the bushing to sit against.

I'd cut the bracket off and modify to suit.
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I like the washer idea....... Thanks.

No the inside face of the bracket is not threaded, just looks that way. It's a straight through with one of those nuts with a welded on wing on the inside to tighten up.

If that fails, guess we'll be cutting off the bracket.


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I'd say try calling Clayton and see if they can send a new bushing with a 5/8" ID, then use a press to get the old one out, swap in the new, and be on your way. Might be easier and give you more piece of mind than the weld washer trick, although I did that with great success on my old S-10 when the spring mounts wallowed out.