Repair and Replace 90's YJ


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Nice to see you back at it Doug.
Are you sure you need to add DRLs? My '89 didn't have DRL and when I safetied it in '94 I wasn't told it needed them. I did some searching and it's not clear if the requirement started for 89 vehicles or 90.
Do you think there's any chance you'll go wheeling this year? OVO is hosting a newbie run on the 26th.


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Hi Richard, I am getting a shop lined up for certification this week, and an insurance company too, so let's see how it plays out. I have done everything to this YJ possible for a DOT certification.

It would be nice to meet up with you and others from this site on the 26th.


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The goal to road certify the Wrongler is 'check that off the list'. Car buff buddies convinced me to drive her for a couple of years, was going up for sale.
I started here on the OVO forum, learned a basic understanding of jeeps than signed up on the Wrangler forum for YJs. Have had a fun time.