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Hi, looking for a new or used steering shaft between the steering column at the firewall and down to the Rack - Pinion Assembly.20210703_124137.jpg20210703_124159 (1).jpg


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4wp sells them


This Jeep is showing some potential since a new battery lights up all the lights. I purchased this shit box without a battery and was not running for a couple of years so the guessing of what needs to be fixed is being eliminated. The builder of this jeep added a lot of new parts in the several thousand dollars ranges then sold it to the guy I bought it from who did not drive it much. ALL NEW FLOOR PANS AND A REWORKED FRAME are to my liking. I am in contact with the builder who misses the jeep!

The heater box has defrost air coming from a fan motor with a bearing noise.

There is no horn on the steering wheel but a toggle switch on the dash that blows a horn that sounds like a Hino Diesel Truck from China, it can really lift up them hot chic skirts!

Dash lights work. All the gauges are in the nice dash which is the only creature comfort on this jeep. I want to off-road. The odometer is posting 212000 k but means nothing.

The starter works and she turned over and over with gas poured down the carb to charge the fuel lines, pump, and carb. I did not pump the carb and open the throttle plate because was not sure which gear the B&M Index shifter is in at the tranny. The shift lever will not lift up like to be in the park position. Have to remove shift cable at the trans and move the sector switch by hand to park. Did notice one new spark plug was not firing. Have to check the Summit HEI distributor, wire, or plug.
Cannot locate a serial number to find a manual for this shifter. 'UPDATE' This is a B&M Quicksilver Shifter

Looking for a shop or individual to re and re this YJ Dana 30. This axle is showing a bend on the long side shaft and wants to install a one-piece cromo axle and replace the vacuum actuator shaft's set up and install a smooth long shaft.

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I'd check with @Burger or @Logan to see if they have a non-vac operated D30 in their bone pile first, or at least they would be my first two stops.


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Nothing at my place. The 2 TJ axles I have left will be going under Heep 2.0 to sell when Heep 3.0 is ready for the good axles.


The cobwebs are gone now after this 4x4 sat in a garage for a couple. Every time the ignition key is turned another part starts working like the 4 ways switch, windshield wipers motor turns the arms, the turn signals flash!
I figured out how to shift the detent slap style B&M shifter into the park from watching a youtube video. Spent an hour web searching contact info for B&M Shifters and got nowhere, then watched a video. 'UPDATE' THIS IS A B&M QUICKSILVER SHIFTER.

Drained clean diff oil from the front pumpkin and the stamped ring and pinion ratio is 43 x 11 = 3.91

Pulled the flat fenders.

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Did a compression test on this 1987 to 1990 258 i6 2bbl motor.
# 1 = 130
2 = 125
3 = 130
4 = 130
5 = 130
6 = 135

The engine was warm to hot to the touch during the test, spent 30 minutes trying to start the motor which had been sitting for a couple of years. When this motor does start a good run will help get the rings more seated around the pistons.

During this start session booster cables from a running SUV helped spin the engine, an oil leak at the oil pan gasket was chucking out oil causing vacuum loss in the engine. will now re and re the pan gasket. Previously I had siphoned 60 liters of gas out of the tank. It is a plastic 20 gallon or 90-liter capacity tank and the smell of stale gas was still in the air. This time I will remove this tank and clean it the hell up.

I would like to thank mechanic Dan from Go Wrench Auto for his efforts today.
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Oil Pan gasket has a tear which is where the oil leak is. A new gasket will be installed.


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