Carp trail run, May 7


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I'll pm terry too. My girl took about 75 pics and i'd like everyone else to have acces to them. We'll see you all again soon at spring fever.


We started with 9 trucks and got stopped by several fallen trees across the start of the trail. Dan went back home to get his chainsaw and saved the day :beer::beer:.

Dan got hung up on the first obstacle so he decided to park the XJ and tag along, but I think Chuck changed his mind and turned around. Chuck, the first scratch hurts the most, then you would have been fine for the rest of the day ;). Hopefully we didn't scare you away too much and you'll come back.

You can add my name to the list of people that didn't make it across the new mud hole.

We had lunch with black flies which were in full force.

After spending a bit of time getting the Tahoe (sorry, I'm bad with names and forgot it already) turned around, and through a couple trees, we made our way out quickly.

I'd like to thank everyone that showed up, it was a good day of wheeling. Especially Dan and Logan for giving Barb a seat.

My name is Luc, and thanks again for the help. On the way in I sailed through those trees like they were a mile apart, I think someone must have moved them closer together while I was having lunch. Going to start building some sliders right away


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Just a few will I wait for Gallery access



Here's some more...


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Had a great time

Even though I lost my nerve at those rocks, like the terminator "I'll be back"...haha

Maybe I'll try the Gorge run when there is a group going up that way.

Looks like you had a great time even with the black

I'll keep an eye out for the next stock runs and give it a try again...

Thanks again all


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You setup with a winch now!! Or is that you? TJ's looking good.

Richard.... Qu'est ce qui ce passe!!!! Is that a soupy hole?


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Yep, Used Warn XD9000i I picked up last August-September and rebuilt and a 3" lift I put on about 3 weeks ago. Got tired of the sagging springs. Not sure how much it actually netted. I think it may be 3.5. The mud hides the rust really well.


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You setup with a winch now!! Or is that you? TJ's looking good.

Richard.... Qu'est ce qui ce passe!!!! Is that a soupy hole?

I'm not sure, I didn't feel like walking in there to investigate :eek: I started with enough speed but it felt like I got into some deep ruts. Get a Jeep going, then you can try it yourself :p


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For anyone needing to add pictures:

Go to , over on the right top side, click on Login. User: ovo , password: r8FUv

Click on Trail Rides, click on Carp that is already created. You can add a sub gallery for your pictures, or just add them to the ones that are already there.

This user can add sub albums, pictures and edit pictures. Cannot delete, so if you mess up, let someone know so they can fix it.


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Fixed. I don't think it was anything he did though. I'll have to look at it closer later.