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Wow! I haven’t posted on this thread in over a year. While I didn’t do much with the ol'runner last year I did get out a few times in it. She got a brand new set of 255/85 Toyo MT’s in the spring. I found it felt a little unstable on side hills so I ended up lowering the rear by cutting one wrap off the rear coils, resulted in about two inches. I built new beefier rear control arms used poly bushings and added set of limiting straps to capture the coils on full droop. The poly bushings definitely ride nicely and are quiet... I’m not sure they’re gonna last very long, but at $50 for an entire set they beat Johnny’s for affordability.
I bought a new daily driver that came with a set of 285/75 Duratracs so I swapped em on to the family runner for a comparison test. So far I can say they’re quieter and lighter feeling that the Toyos.
Working on a set of sliders and trying to talk myself into repairing some body rot... Happy belated new year folks! Spring is just around the corner [emoji6]

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