Project Buggy again


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Nice, nice... love new and shiny parts.
Actually you need to finish one more project:)



That's MR.EX Pres to you!
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Hopefully I'll get started on it tomorrow, just have to finish a sas on a chevy first

LOL! That must be Colin's truck. Fun stuff. Glad he got you do to it.

Wicked set up of parts. Can't wait to see it come together Mike. Very cool. :beer:


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so got my tires a few weeks ago for the buggy, went with 43" TSL Sx stickies
No progress on it, but I now have a place to work on it :flipoff:


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lift won't be in till spring. Not finished yet but by the end of the month should be completely enclosed, insulated, powered and heated. concrete has only been in for a week.


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Just started to work on it. Hopefully have the motor and axles mocked up this week. Ended up getting a 6L LQ9. Just need to find a th350. Been busy with other projects, but finally getting this one going.

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