My Jeep Mods

In '94 I purchased a stock '89 YJ. It was metallic blue, had full hard doors, a grey hard-top and carpeting. It was equipped with the 4.2L carburated engine and the Peugeot 5-speed transmission. Since then I've modified almost every part of my Jeep from the engine to the cupholder. You can check out my mods below and see what it took to transform my Jeep from this run of the mill 4x4:

Stock with hard top.

to this fun off-road machine:

Paragon 2002.

Come have a look while I transfer the body and drivetrain to a new TJ frame and suspension.
Watch me get rid of some ugly chrome.
Modified cup holder. Here's a simple one, my cupholder. Anyone that owns a stock YJ console knows that drink containers will often fall to the side as there is no support in between the two cup locations. I fixed this early on with a piece of silicone tubing, heat shrink, and screws.
Engine with MPI. Here's something a little more interresting and significant. I very quickly lost patience with the stock Carter carburator and looked around for a replacement. When I saw the Mopar MPI kit I knew this was the perfect for me.
Cleaned engine with new head. A few years later I had the engine rebuilt (not by choice) and swapped in a 4.0L head.
Camouflage paint job. Check out where I got the idea for my Jeep's trademark paint job.
Hand throttle. Here's my best value for the dollar mod, a hand throttle.
Homemade trunk. I needed a safe place to put my gear, so I built a removable trunk.
Disco Trackbar. Here's another cheap and simple mod, a disconnectable track bar.
Rollcage. Some protection for the occupants.
Linelock. A linelock for a parking brake.

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