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Well, it seems I might have neglected a few things.
Not totally true though as those axles led to a whole lot of drive line breakage. I had finally got it so my NP231 crawl boxes were not tearing themselves apart and then torque of the big tires and the extra weight of the axles and tires brought it back.
I ended up broken the first day out in RC, clamped an JB welded it back together and got a bit more wheeling in the second day. Then literally held on to the shifters on the D300 to keep it from splitting wide open while crawling around the green trails to watch everybody else.

So When I got back I ordered this billet case from D.D. Machine.
Built a big plate to hold the D300 together and act as a mount.

Never a problem with the doubler again.

Broken case


Cut case to get sun gear out


Put Sun gear in new, shiny, beautiful, I just want to touch it Billet case


Case assembled


New mount/strengthening plate for D300



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DSCF6783 (Medium).JPG

DSCF6784 (Medium).JPG

I eventually broke the top off of that plate believe it or not and ended up putting a TMR mount on the back of the Atlas output on the D300, which I sometimes twist off. Anyway.


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I mulled about getting one of the billet cases especially if it was shorter than the 231 while I was concerned about the driveline length.


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With such a large crawl ratio there is definitely alot of driveline stress, we'll definitely have to take that into consideration with the next setup.