The Japanese Poutine


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Ummm is that some sort of crack pipe in the top right corner of that picture?
Smokes, beer, crack, voila! Shift bracket!


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The numbers are from Ron at DMR, who built the axles for the same chassis I have. The excel spreadsheet is free out there on the interwebs.

Here is an example of someone's nearly complete adapter, no cables.

Where are the shift rails relative to the picture? And I presume you are referring to shifting the range box, not the Sami case.


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Doubler is jammed up as high as possible, pushing the sheet metal of the tub, It's going to vibrate a lot and I will lose my mind. Motor mounts are done. It sits too fucking low but I don't want to lose more tub.

Up next:
Pull engine out, clock tcase, block off 4wd sensor so fill plug is accessible, make doubler shifter, fix tcase shifter. Spray bomb everything. Fill cases, maybe trans.

In about 6-12 months:

Support trans, doubler, tcase, wiring.

THEN I can finally do steering suspension, armor, all that shit you all think you (not me) can bang off in a weekend.

I need a Samurai shifter sheet asap.

I need a new shop to work in. Please send me a PM.
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